They’re Back! TLC Releases Two New Singles, ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Haters’ (Snippets)

Back in early 2015, TLC announced they would be making their last album, and erected a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. Now after over a year and fans’ accusations that it was all a scam, they’ve finally released some new music exclusively on iTunes Japan: “Joyride” and “Haters.”

Judging from the snippet,  “Joyride” is a feel-good groove that’s in tandem with their signature TLC sound about the good times they’ve shared throughout the years.

“Haters” is another one of their confidence-boosting songs (much like their 1999 single “Unpretty) and addresses online and social media bullying.

Listen to the snippets below:



No details on their album titles and release date, but their manager Bill Diggins reveals in June to Paste Magazine that they’ve already chosen 15 songs for the album and it’s coming soon.