British Singer-Songwriter/Producer Mr. Bailey Drops Personal EP ‘Open,’ Listen to Five Tracks

British singer-songwriter/producer Mr. Bailey (b. Jason Lee Bailey) has sung on platinum-selling albums in the UK, lastly singing for Leona Lewis. However,  he decided to stop and send his talents into the direction of songwriting, realizing that’s where his passion lied.  Since then, he’s had a few songs released through a few major labels.

He dropped his solo project Open earlier this year, a 16-track personal project that reflects personal growth.

He explains:

“I called it open because I laid myself bare on the tracks and expressed my thoughts. I also created it because I decided that it was time to say goodbye to some demons in my life. Unfortunately, I lost my mother and as a result of the affect that had on me; I ended up being stricken with severe sickness and was days away from having a major, life-threatening stroke! Now although my health is far from great, I’m fighting daily to overcome my personal mountains, because I know that I have something significant to say. I’m an honest writer who isn’t particularly concerned with opinions because my truth sets me free, and he who is free, is free indeed.”

He sent Singersroom five songs to enjoy: Open,” “Stop n Think,” “These Are The Things,” “Eulogy,” and “Sunny Day.” Bailey’s music features classic harmonies and old school flavor. The intro “Open” has a throwback vibe to early 2000s hip-hop, and “Stop n Think” is where those harmonies and soulful falsettos come into play as he takes time for self-reflection. “These Are The Things” is a sensual, satisfying slow jam which sonically takes a page from t old school crooners such as Charlie Wilson. “Eulogy” is a melancholy ode to the death of the old him; Bailey’s emotional vocals are made even more poignant by the piano chords and cello accompaniment. “Sunny Day,” on the flip side, is an optimistic celebration of life.

Mr. Bailey is a talent who needs more recognition!

Stream the full project HERE and stream the five aforementioned songs below: