Get In Line! Tito Jackson’s “Get It Baby” Becomes The Line Dance Song Of The Summer

As Tito Jackson’s debut solo single “Get It Baby” rises on the Billboard charts (currently at #19), the song continues to blow up on dance floors everywhere. The song is the latest dance craze that has taken over the nation as the official “Line Dance of the summer.”

Audiences from coast to coast have created their own rendition of the “Tito Dance” aka The GET IT BABY Line Dance.  One of the particular line dances will be showcased at the National Line Dance Convention in Las Vegas later this month.

“Thanks for the love Cleveland! I wish you good luck and a lot of support for the showcase at the National Line Dance Convention in Las Vegas 7/29 and I hope you win with this Get It Baby Dance,” Tito captioned with the video.

See the line dance below:



The Moms & (Get It) Babies of GroovaRoo Dance studio even posted a video of them doing the line dance. Cute!



Feel the groove? Here’s an instructional video so you can whip this out at the next cookout:



“Get It Baby” also features a special guest appearance from hip hop legend Big Daddy Kane, and will appear on Tito’s upcoming album Tito Time available on November 4th.

In a recent interview with Singersroom, Tito explains “[‘Get It Baby’]  is a single that everyone can enjoy because it’s simple and danceable. I wanted to create a record that would mix the old with the new. I wanted the single to be appealing to all audiences.”

I think he was successful in that regard!