Lalah Hathaway Does Some Self-Reflection In The ‘Mirror’

We all could use some deep, self-reflection every now and then. When you do, you’ll realize at the end of the day, the answer boils down to having self-love.

Her soothing, meditative song “Mirror” is about direction one’s reflection inward.  “Stop hiding yourself, love yourself, no one else can,” she sings on the song.

Lalah shared her journey to self-love in an essay with ESSENCE. She urges her fans to become transparent and search for the love within themselves.

I am a great hider. It is a blessing and a curse. I know how to hide in plain sight, in any number of ways. For the most part, we all know what we have to face up to, but facing our own reality, our own truth, can feel impossible. We are both our own poison and our own antidote. It’s kinda bulls–t when you think about it! The fact that I now realize that I have been cruising through life, thinking I had an understanding of how people “hide themselves” is really funny to me, and a bit disconcerting. In reality I am just starting to learn…

She continues…

I understand that I do keep a part of myself hidden. This is a response to many things, not the least of which is ignoring my own voice and instincts. When I first decided to loc my hair, I was warned against it. They told me it was a bad marketing idea. “How will people relate to you with dry, nappy hair?” I clearly understand now that I am a beautiful woman and I do not need to fit into anyone else’s paradigm of beauty because really, the only person I need to feel beautiful for is me. It’s sad how few of us genuinely believe that. There is nothing truer to know.

Read the rest of her essay HERE an begin your self-reflection by watching her video above. Purchase her latest album Lalah Hathaway Live on iTunes HERE.