The R&B Sex Playlist Pt. 2 – 10 Love-Making, Bed-Breaking R&B Songs

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Aaah, the sweet sounds of passion.

It’s when the smell of romance, love, intensity in the air and the sensual feeling of two scorching bodies come together. As the weather heats up, so does the desire to tap into your primal urges. Whether it’s a slow jam R&B song or an uptempo steamy pop song, music can be the catalyst to a great night of toe curling, headboard banging, sweat dripping love making.

If you enjoyed Part 1, you’ll enjoy our latest addition to the”Sex Playlist” in Part 2. As you lay out the rose petals, turn out the lights, and sip champagne, these tracks are sure to set the mood.

Tonight is the night!

NLA ­- “Questions” featuring Luke Christopher

Atlanta female tri NLA wants to know what turns you on. Off their debut EP, Past Due, “Questions” seeks to answer the inquiry of what a man enjoys from his lady. No matter how freaky you are, you never know what you can get till you ask. Your partner might surprise you so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

JR Castro­ “FMN” featuring Timbaland

Nothing is better than being in the moment. Time is not a factor, and nothing else matters than the swaying of two bodies being in sync.
JR Castro is looking to get back to the core essence of R&B in this sultry track, and he doesn’t want to wait.

“I can see that loving in your eyes sweet baby” so if the passion and desire is there, then, “Fuck Me Now, Fuck Me Good.”

Harmoney – Henny (Sip Slow)

If you need a few spirits to get you in the mood,  Brooklyn artist Harmoney got you covered. His sensual, ambient groove “Henny (Sip Slow)”  provides the soundtrack to both your late night talks and sexy time with Bae.

On the scorcher, he suggests his love interest “Sip sip sip sip slow.” The fact that the interpretation of his request is blurred between an alcoholic beverage and  sexual metaphor makes this one a must-have for the sheets.

Dave Hollister – “Definition of a Woman”­eiFKw

Not everything is “wham bam thank you ma’am.” If you have a good woman in your life, romance and cherish her, and press play on this song. When you show appreciation to your woman, she’ll show you appreciation back *wink*

“She’ll make you bleed/ She’ll bring you to your knees/ She can bring you everything you need/ Help you Succeed/ Take your from a boy & turn you in a man/ That’s the definition of a woman.”

Make sure you respect and treat her right!

Vivian Green­ – “Grown Folk Music”

Definitely a track for the grown and sexy. A bit of a throwback with its old school touch, and vintage sexy with a modern twist. If you plan on trying to “put in that work” with a woman like Vivian, you better come correct. Weak game and immaturity will get you nowhere.

Akevius ­ “Dumb Love” featuring Plies

Akevius and Plies sing about an ideal romping session. Sometimes you need to get that back breaking, toe curling feeling, and Akevius and Plies provide a step-by-step manual of sorts:

“Message your body with oil / Start from the bed to the floor / Give you kisses down low / Make you scream out for more.”

Maurice Moore – “The Feels”

Maurice Moore aims to give you “The Feels” with his silky smooth vocals and cool vibes. As the lyrics state, “Embodying the intense energies that move us when we get in our feels”. This track will bring out whatever “feels” you need to help send tingles throughout your body.

Fourtune­ -“I’m Falling”

Milwaukee, WI group Fourtune turn up the heat with “I’m Falling”, a sensual, mood­-setting track in the vein of “the golden sound of real quality R&B that was established in the 90s.” If the population boom of the 90s were any indication, you better be ready for the byproduct of this baby-making track.

Vann – “Backseat”

Of course, the bedroom  isn’t the only place things can heat up; any room in your house can be the setting for a good romp or two. Heck, even your vehicle can be transformed into a bed on wheels. Nashville singer-songwriter Vann  details a freaky encounter in the “Backseat.”

He uses an interpolation of 2 Live Crew’s “Head Down, Ass Up,” so the raunch-factor it high. “Backseat, windows up, that the way that we like to f*ck,” he states.

Don’t forget to put it in park and roll the windows up…

DMK – “Don’t Tell”

DMK wants your word that, “If I show you how I really feel,” you won’t share those insights with anyone.

Nothing like a well kept secret; just keep it on the hush, ain’t nobody gotta know. Detroit R&B trio DMK asks, “Baby if we take it there. Can we keep it on the low?”