Yuna & Usher Provide The Soundtrack For Everyone With Crushes

After dropping the behind-the-scenes teaser of “Crush” a few weeks ago, Malaysian singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and designer Yuna drops the official video today featuring Usher.

On the soft groove, Yuna and Usher sing to each other as potential love interests. “I feel a little rush, I think I have a little crush on you / I hope that’s not too much, but boy when I’m with you / I hear my heart singing, la la la la la la la la la,” they sing on the chorus. The soothing black-and-white video shows the admiration between strangers as they pass by each other; Yuna and Usher stand by and provide the soundtrack.

Straying from her signature ambient, folksy sound, Yuna says she was inspired by the 90s vibe of TLC, Aaliyah, and Alicia Keys when “Crush” came to be.

“When I wrote this I was studying Alicia Keys, Aaliyah , TLC, and I was like man, I gotta write stuff like this,” she says in the behind-the-scenes clip of the video shoot.

Yuna’s third studio album Chapters will be available on May 20th via Verve Records.