Chrisette Michele Drops New Single ‘Unbreakable,’ Journeys To Upcoming Album ‘Milestone,’ & Shows How To Get a Song Serviced To Radio

As Chrisette Michele preps her forthcoming album, Milestone, she drops a second single titled “Unbreakable” (following the first offering, “Steady”).

On the bouncy groove, Chrisette sings of having an unbreakable love, most likely inspired by her new betrothment to her manager/fiancé Douglas Ellison. “You can keep on tryin’, you can’t break a diamond / Our love’s on fire, unbreakable love,” she sings on the chorus.

Along with the rollout of the single, Chrisette lets fans in on her journey to the album’s release in a series called “Journey to Milestone”. In the clip below, she explains the process that went into getting “Unbreakable” onto the radio. And in doing so, she gives insight on what it takes to get a song “serviced” to radio; great info for new and indie artists who are seeking radio support.

Also in the clip, we also see the beginning a new relationship with Mark Cheatham, a talent agent at CAA. See the beginnings of handing a song into radio and how Chrisette signs with a new agent. Watch below: