Guitarist Adrian X Talks “Getting The Gig” With Drake, The Weeknd

Earlier this year, the forthcoming music community Jammcard launched their “How I Got The Gig Series,” where background singers and musicians tell the stories of how they got their big break to perform with some of music’s biggest stars.

In this episode, Elmo Lovano sits down for a drink with guitarist Adrian “X” Eccleston to talk about how he got the gig to play with the live bands of Drake, The Weeknd, and more. He also served as musical director for said artists.

Check it out below:

Bassist Brandon Brown, background singer/songwriter Brenda Lee Eager, and drummer Mike Moore have also been featured on Jammcard’s “How I Got The Gig” series. Stay tuned for the next episode in Jammcard’s Gear Goggles series with Miles Mosley, bassist for Lauryn Hill and Gnarles Barkley.