London-Based Singer/Songwriter Savannah Dumetz Offers Soulfully-Serene Single, ‘Naked’

Vulnerability expressed beautifully…

Nineteen-year-old London native singer/songwriter Savannah Dumetz drops an inspiring visual for her latest single “Naked”. Directed by Émile and filmed in her home town, the music video aims to encourage people to embrace and express themselves. The song encourages opening the heart.

“Open your heart and let me in / let your guard down, wear your words on your skin,” she sings on the first verse; instantly, you’ll be sucked in by the earnestness of Dumetz’s voice.

The soulful artist strives to highlight the power of vulnerability and the necessity of breaking stereotypes to practice self-love. She adds “I just wanted to show in this video that I can’t be defined by a single title and ‘Naked’ comes from my heart, it’s not about what I wear or what I look like, it’s the way I choose to live my life! It’s the most beautiful and fulfilling feeling to feel free in your skin,” she explains.

Dumetz is currently working on new material. She will headline her first show in London on April 15th at The Social.