Tisha Campbell-Martin Reveals Rap Persona On ‘Lazy B*tch (This Ain’t Gina)’

Last year, Tisha Campbell-Martin’s single “Steel Here” was well-received well by fans. In an interview, she stated that the rest of her album has a lot of hip-hop influence,  and we can see a little of that here!

On “Lazy B*tch (This Ain’t Gina),” Tisha references her iconic character “Gina” from the famed “Martin” show. Drawing from an on set experience with a young actress, Tisha got with producer B. Slade and “Lazy B*tch” was the result. The video features an appearance from Campbell-Martin’s best friend, Tasha Smith, as Tisha unveils her rap side in the studio with friends.

What do you think of Tisha’s rap persona?