PJ Morton Introduces Sister Act JCKSN AVE & Their Inspirational Debut Single ‘All These Dreams’

Have you been asking where all the girl groups are? Maroon 5’s PJ Morton has been asking the same thing. On his label, Morton Records, he’s heralding in a sisterly quintet called JCKSN AVE.

Last week, Memphis, TN-bred members Madison, Jessica, Moriah, Kristian and Hannah dropped their debut single “All These Dreams,” a mellow groove about following your dreams despite the opinions of others.

“So I just cover my ears and cover my eyes / I just keep it moving towards the prize / Pushing against the wind, but I’m gonna win / I got all these dreams, can’t nobody understand me / I sacrifice so many things this road is getting lonely,” the first verse into the chorus.

This is a great record to put on as a reminder to keep your dreams alive!

So, how did JCKSN AVE and PJ cross paths? He first spotted the group at one of his concerts. “I was performing, and they were dancing and having a good time in the audience,” he recalls. “I noticed their energy and they looked cool! They introduced themselves after the show, and the rest is history.” He liked their vibe, and now they are making good vibrations on Morton Records. The sisters have been singing, writing, arranging and producing their own music since 2001. They first sang in church before graduating to high school shows and singing around the city.

Their goal is to make inspirational music that uplifts the spirit. If “All These Dreams” is any indication, I think they’re on their way!