JoJo Explains ‘Save My Soul’ Single, Performs Acoustic Version (Video)

In November, JoJo performed an emotional acoustic version of one of her single’s “Say Love,” now she’s released video of her acoustic performance from the same jam session of her newest single “Save My Soul.”

The song is one of her most personal yet, inspired by a childhood surrounded by addiction. “‘Save My Soul’ is a song about addiction, and I grew up seeing addiction very close to me: Both my parents have struggled with it. So as a kid, you don’t kinda know when the bottom is going to fall through or what’s gonna happen next,” she explained in the video.

The accompanying video was released earlier this month, on what would have been JoJo’s father’s 61st birthday. He passed away recently due to a substance addiction.

Needless to say, during this acoustic performance, JoJo emotes raw emotion.

Check out JoJo’s raw performance of “Save My Soul” below: