Mary J. Blige Preps New Collab With British Songwriter Sam Roman (Video)

British singer-songwriter Sam Roman worked with Mary J. Blige on three tracks on her 2014 album, The London Sessions, and Blige is now returning the favor with a collaboration called "Overthinking" for his own album.

In a day and age where collaborations often occur via email, Mary and Sam hit up the studio together to create the ballad on which Mary wrote her verse. “It was the one track that could exist in its current form, but there’s something we could do to it that could be really clever, a reason to do a duet, and that’s’ to change the narrative,” Sam explained. “It was great to get someone else’s perspective.”

Along with creating new music, the R&B star is gearing up for her tour with Tamar Braxton.

Watch Mary and Sam create what could be a potential smash below: