Get To Know ‘Hyundai and the GRAMMY Amplifier’ Winner, Cramer! #GrammyAmplifier

Cramer (b. Akeira Cramer) is a 22-year-old "rock n soul" singer on the rise. Winner of the 2015 GRAMMY Amplifier: A Hyundai Music Initiative, this Maryland-born songstress received the chance to perform throughout the Summer, including the Billboard Hot 100 Festival and other showcases to rave reviews.

Her brand of soul-infused-with-rock is made evident if you realize her influences including Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, and Fall Out Boy. "I entered my music into the GRAMMY Amplifier Program. I didn’t even know about the prizes yet; I just wanted to be heard," she explained.

And heard she was!

Not only did her talents get her the winning spot, she also had the honor of receiving mentorship about the art of performing from 2015 GRAMMY Amplifier Curator Ziggy Marley. Like a sports reel, Cramer studied footage of her gigs throughout the summer and learned how to improve, build upon and streamline her performances.

When it came to her first headlining show, Cramer took all she learned through her performances and put it in into effect. The result was the recognition she craved. "I felt like my work hadn't gone in vain," she states.

Thanks to Hyundai and the GRAMMY Amplifier program, you'll be hearing a lot more from Cramer!