Bobbi Kristina’s Friend Admits BK Abused Drugs

Three months after the untimely passing of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, more and more info keeps coming out about the circumstances surrounding her daily life and her demise.

It’s always been speculated that BK abused hardcore substances, now a close friend of BK, Danyela Bradley, has revealed that the young woman did, in fact, use a few types of drugs.

In a recently-released transcript of a videotaped deposition given in a lawsuit connected to a car accident she and Brown were involved in just days before Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub, Bradley explained BK’s destructive lifestyle.
“She smoked marijuana, she probably smoked crack often, and also did heroin,” Bradley claimed. “When I first lived with her I didn’t know that she had actually had a problem with [drugs] until I had lived with her… for a couple of weeks. [But] I guess after a few weeks she just didn’t really hide it.”

As a roommate, Bradley said she never saw BK using the drugs, but she could tell just by her appearance. She also explained how BK would act with each drug, saying BK would get “very sleepy, and nod off” and “kind of keep to herself” when she did heroin, and would “just be not even talkative” when she did crack.

Bradley’s deposition will most likely be used by Brown’s conservator Bedelia Hargrove, who is suing Nick Gordon for $10 million, which alleges that Gordon gave Bobbi Kris a “toxic cocktail” of substances, which lead to her overdose.