Natasha Alexander – Black Bodies

As the #BlackLivesMatter Movement marches on, soul singer-songwriter Natasha Alexander drops the poignantly real song called "Black Bodies," an outcry for justice in an ever-growing tumultuous time.

Alexander starts the first verse singing, “Black bodies so godly and lovely are under fire / They have lost their right to be alive, and it don’t seem right that they justify it / Push them and so they riot.”

Like many socially aware songs surfacing around the #BLM movement, “Black Bodies” acts as a modern day “Strange Fruit,” the poignant song famously performed by Billie Holiday, which addressed lynchings of Black Americans. Some are calling these police-responsible deaths modern-day lynchings.

Alexander states, "I’ve been emotionally overwhelmed by the recent events from Ferguson to Baltimore to Texas and in this entire country of late," said Alexander, "I believe that it is the responsibility of any artist or individual with even the tiniest platform to speak out about what’s happening in culture. I wanted to use this song to address the gravity of the injustice while affirming the divinity, uniqueness, and beauty of black people."

Last we heard from Alexander was back in 2013 with her debut EP, Super, headed by the songThree Bells.”