[Premiere] David Morin – Heaven

Today (June 24), soulful newcomer David Morin premieres his new song “Heaven” with Singersroom.

“Heaven” is a mellow, jazzy groove that has Morin singing his lady’s praises. “Heaven ain’t meant for me, cause I got you next to me,” he croons. Makes you want to take your honey’s hand and spin him or her around a few times!

However, the song actually focuses on the bittersweet nature of a shaky relationship. David, who gained local fame in his hometown of Vancouver as a street and club performer, explains, "Sometimes we look past the less favorable traits in a person in exchange for their redeeming qualities. Sometimes that person will take you through hell and back again. 'Heaven' is about enduring the suffering to get the juice out of a relationship, and though it may be foolish, somehow we still find it sweet."

“Heaven” follows the first offering “Life Goes On,” both from his upcoming debut album, Every Colour on Bombay Records coming this year.