David Morin – Life Goes On

Neo-soul singer David Morin's musical exposure began as a street performer in Vancouver, Canada, honing his craft for local passersby. But he finally made it to the studio to record his dope sounds, which culminates into the official single "Life Goes On," from his upcoming debut album, Every Colour on Bombay Records.

Rhythmic and rich, the song displays Morin’s uplifting lyrics and soulful harmonies as he optimistically doesn’t let anything get him down. The majority of Morin's lyrics are about real issues we all deal with, be it on a personal or political level.

After being jaded by a negative experience in the music industry, while being a part of a band signed to an indie label, he started performing solo shows at open-mic nights in legendary Vancouver clubs like Anza. There, Morin developed the essence of his current live performances, in which he sings and plays guitar accompanied by an oft-used loop pedal (which you can see in this video of his street performance of “Life Goes On” here).

"I do a lot of street performing," he says. "It's a good way for me to beef up my chops musically to try to get a crowd of people to listen when you're kind of subjecting them to their performance. It's an interesting social experiment."

Every Colour, produced by the award winning Joby Baker, is due out soon.

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