Are Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot Plotting a Collaboration?

Fans of Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot may receive a musical surprise in the coming future. Chatter around a possible collaboration emerged recently after a fan noticed that both music veterans began following each other on Twitter.

The fan wrote: " I see @JLo and @MissyElliott are following each other. OMG does that mean something amazing is brewing?"

Taking notice to the fan's tweet, Missy replied, "… lol! Could be. Wow fans don't miss a beat, yall see erthang."

JLo then replied, "No they don't!! Lol…:," heightening the suspicion that the two are likely prepping something together.

For now we just have to wait with our fingers crossed, but we're sure if these two collaborate on something new, it will be B-Boy fantastic.


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