Looks like Keri Hilson is ready to get back on the musical horse, and she may have a few things to get off her chest in the process. After a long hiatus, the singer-songwriter returns with "100," featuring rapper Young Thug. On the bouncy track, the "Pretty Girl Rock" hit-maker puts her ex on blast, and she does it with such conviction.

"You can't treat me like no basic bitch / I'm Grade A approved, just face it / I don't think you know who you playing with / I could have bettered your image," reveals Keri. Later she adds, "F*ck you and whoever you're screwing."

"100" is freewheeling and intense, but you can still rock to it!

Hilson is prepping her third studio album, the follow-up to 2010's No Boys Allowed. Back in November (2014), Monica said the "music sounds Amazing," and that Hilson has some Grammys on the way.

Hit producer Timbaland is championing the project.