Rihanna Teases New Single, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money (BBHMM)’

Looks like "ratchet Rihanna" is on the way!

Yesterday, she dropped a snippet of a new single called, "B*tch Better Have My Money," with the hashtags #R8, #BBHMM, and #March26 (so it must be coming today?!)

After hearing the snippet, RiRi channels a pimp from a 1970s blackploitation movie with a theme over a contemporary trap track. Sonically, it’s a far cry from the acoustic vibes of “FourFiveSeconds” (even though she sings about getting rowdy on “Seconds”).

The cover features Rihanna with thick eyebrows, disheveled hair, large dangly earrings, and wearing a leather jacket with no undergarments…dare l say, like a hooker from the 80s.

Listen to the snippet below and stay tuned for the full song soon.