[EXCLUSIVE] Kat Dahlia Talks Debut Album, Diverse Sound, Overcoming Struggle, Dating, More

Following personal life struggles and years of grinding, Kat Dahlia unleashed her debut album, My Garden, last week. Led by singles “Gangsta” and “Crazy,” the set showcases the 24-year-old Miami native’s unique musical delivery, organic sound, and diverse musical influences.

“The project is basically a collection of moments in my life,” Kat told Singersroom. “Music that I was experimenting with, experiences that I was going through, and we basically took eleven of the best records that I’ve done in the past three years and put it into one project. All the songs are personal to me, and all have their own story.

Growing up in Miami, Kat was afforded a gumbo of cultural inspirations, which is evident in the creative makeup of her songs.

“The album has a little bit of everything, it’s not one set genre or one set tone, it’s not one story of heartbreak, it’s not one story of love, it’s just a little bit of everything,” she says.

She adds: The biggest influences that I got out there is the Latin music; Salsa, Merengue, just growing up listening to all that. In the clubs I’m listening to hip hop… reggae music… that’s just like the culture. I think unconsciously, all of those things influence me, even just as a person.”

Kat is a workaholic, and when she finds time to breathe, she’s usually kicking back at home relaxing and watching Netflix or eating her Grandma’s food.

As far as dating, she says, “No going on dates.”

She does have her eyes locked on her current celebrity crush though… Bradley Cooper.

Check out the full interview below:

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