[EXCLUSIVE] Jazmine Sullivan Talks Creative New Album, Not Regretting Hiatus, Missy Elliott, Touring, More

In 2011, Jazmine Sullivan shocked many of her peers and fans alike after announcing a semi-retirement from music. Fast-forward four years later, the highly respected R&B singer and songwriter returns to the spotlight with her third studio album, Reality Show.

One full listen of Reality Show, and you can understand why it was necessary for Sullivan to completely remove herself from music. During her hiatus, she took the time to work on her emotional self, which included self-esteem issues, heartache, the consideration of drug use, and self-love.

“I did a lot of soul searching. I was taking that time to kind of deal with myself, and figure out some things about myself so that when I did come back, I was coming back a little better,” Sullivan told Singersroom about her four year hiatus. “It’s a process, I’m still learning things, still dealing with things, but I don’t regret leaving. I feel like a needed that time if only to now appreciate now what I do. I appreciate it now so much that before.”

Now, in her return, this new level of progression and maturity is evident in Reality Show. The content in this project, mostly penned by Sullivan, is unforgiving, courageous, and emotional, and at the same time, very welcoming because of its wholesomeness and creative latitude.

“I Think It’s creative,” Sullivan adds about her new body of work. “That’s all I’m really trying to bring to this industry. I’m just trying to show different aspects of what I can do. I’m influenced by so much stuff, I felt like it’s important for me to kind of bring it all into an album and let people kind of see it.”

Watch the full interview with Jazmine Sullivan below:

Reality Show is now in stores.

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