[EXCLUSIVE] Brian Angel Talks Day 26 Reunion, Latest Project ‘Daybreak’, New Singles, More

Day26 band member Brian Angel has been hard at work on his upcoming solo debut, Daybreak, even while touring the country with his reunited group.

On the forthcoming opus, the singer-songwriter, who was raised in the church, plans on introducing himself in a new light, showing the world his individuality and creativity.

We recently caught up with Brian and he touched on a plethora of topics.

How does it feel being on a re-united tour with Day26?

Brian: It feels good you know. I’m rocking out with my brothers. It’s always fun when the whole group gets together cause we’re a bunch of clowns, so the jokes never ever, ever stop!

Is it stressful to be on the road while trying to work on your solo project?

Brian: Uh, no man, I’m built for this, so whatever comes my way, I definitely take it head on. I love music, and I love what I do. So, I look at it as a blessing, and not as stress.

So, tell us about your upcoming project, Daybreak.

Brian: Daybreak is my debut solo album, which will be out this year. It’s basically an introduction of who Brian Angel is. You’ll definitely hear my hard work… my everything in this project.

Why the title Daybreak?

Brian: You know, when Day26 took the break, I was like, 'yo, if I’m gonna do something, I need to do it and do it right.' So instead of coming out with something that anybody could of came up with or title it something like one of the songs on my album, I chose something super easy to brand. So, Daybreak it was (laughs).

What inspired the song, "Mrs. Parker"?

Brian: Man, honestly (Laughing), I don’t drink anymore, but one night I happened to be having some wine. I live by myself, so I was sitting at home watching Friday on Netflix and I was thinking 'damn'… Mrs. Parker was fine! (Chuckles) So, I hit my cousin Amir up and I was like, 'yo, I want a song like Mrs. Parker… I want the whole Hey Mrs. Parker! type sh*t'. Him and my cousin Jay Read, they got together that same night, and the very next day they sent me over a synthesis of what they came up with and I loved it! So, we actually built from that.

Man, that’s awesome. So, tell us some things that people don’t know about Brian Angel.

Brian: What people don’t know about Brian is…I’m goofy as hell. I'm a tech geek, especially when it comes to computers or phones or anything like that. If you have questions, I know it, and if I don’t, I‘ll figure it out. Also, I wear glasses (chuckles); a lot of people don’t know that… and I’m a hopeless romantic in a way (chuckles).

Were you a geek back in high school as well?

Brian: Honestly, yes! My high school classmates be like, 'dude, you are totally opposite of the way you were in high school.' I’m like really? They tell me I was this quiet little church mouse and I stayed to myself. I used to eat lunch by myself. I used to do me and I didn’t care about trying to fit in with the in crowd. I don’t know where the new Brian Angel came from (laughs).

So, you were raised in the church?

Brian: Yes! My uncle has been my pastor as far as I can remember. My aunt kept me in the church house along with my mother. I’m definitely a church kid.

What's the situation with you and Hulk management?

Brian: Mike Moodswing is my manager… Hulk is the family. They definitely support me in everything I do and they're great. They definitely make great decisions for me. Our relationship is more like a partnership; we collectively make decisions. They really value my thoughts, my views, and my opinions.

You got your start doing reality TV. Would you return to the small screen? Do you watch reality TV shows like Real Housewives or Preachers of L.A.?

Brian: Yes I do! I love that show. Actually, I just got approached by a certain show; I’m definitely considering it. I can’t really speak on it right now, but you might see your boy flash across your screen… real soon.

What's next for Brian Angel?

Brian: Daybreak first and foremost. This is a body of work I am extremely proud of. I cannot wait for the world to hear it. I’m just constantly working.


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