Aubrey O’Day Talks Comeback with Shannon Bex, Rebranding, Dawn’s Punch, More

"When we come, we wanna come hard," that's Aubrey O'Day's new motto as she plots her music comeback with former Danity Kane peer Shannon Bex. The two have been logging a lot of time in the studio, as they plot their comeback, either as a duo or with more members.

"Shannon and I have been in the studio, we have been making music, and we have taken the next steps to the next era of our lives as artists," O'Day told Pacific Rim Video's That's So Hollywood! host Chris Trondsen. "I couldn't be more thankful for her, she's one of the best women I know. I'm so happy to be in business with her, and I think what we're working on is probably the best art that I've made so far in my career."

On if they will add more members to their group or work with other artists, O'Day adds, "we're completely recreating and rebranding, so her and I are moving forward in a way that we've always wanted to move artistically.”

O’Day adds later, "The entire image, brand, and music is completely different than [what] anyone is expecting or heard."

Asked if she corresponds with any of the other three former DK members, was fairly mum, but says, "You have to forgive yourself, you have to forgive them, and you have to just wish the best life possible for everyone around you or you spend your life angry and miserable; it's such a waste of time."

O’Day also had some not so forgiving words for Dawn Richard, who punched her causing DK3 to officially split. "When you hit somebody, you never get away with it in your own heart, that's something she has to live with, not me," says O’Day.

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