K. Michelle Blames Herself For Singledom on ‘Maybe I Should Call’; Plus Album Track Listing

Like always, K. Michelle keeps it real as ever on her new song "Maybe I Should Call," the new single from her second studio collection, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart (#AWBAH), due out on December 9.

On the new tune, Michelle finds herself in a complicated situation. She goes back and forth on whether or not to contact a long distance love, but here’s the kicker: he’s a new father within a relationship with another woman. She then blames herself for sitting on the sidelines, ‘Maybe that’s why I ain’t got a man, because I be doing too much thinkin’,” she sings on the second verse.

Once again, K. Michelle’s voice soars on this one, as she continues to express the things that go on in women’s minds (fellas, take note).

"Maybe I Should Call" follows the first single “Love ‘Em All.” Pre-order Michelle’s new album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart on iTunes (above) and instantly receive "Maybe I Should Call."

Don't forget to catch her spinoff reality show “My Life” debuting tonight at 9pm on VH1.

Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? Tracklisting

1. Judge Me
2. Love ‘Em All
3. Going Under
4. Cry
5. How Do You Know?
6. Hard to Do
7. Maybe I Should Call
8. Something About the Night
9. Miss You, Goodbye
10. Build a Man Intro / Build a Man
11. Drake Would Love Me
12. God I Get It