K. Michelle – Love ‘Em All

K. Michelle has already said she’s trying for a new sound on her new album, which will feature a country song with a mystery country singer. And as she raps up her sophomore project, she unwraps a new single “Love ‘Em All” which continues to show the growth in her sound.

The ballad still features Michelle in her glory as a powerhouse balladeer, but this one has some Pop/Rock nuances which shows she’s coming for the mainstream: “They say I move too fast, going man to man, always holding a new hand,” she sings, addressing her public, ever-changing love life.

Michelle told Rap-Up TV: “My second album is absolutely amazingly scary good, juicy, yummy. I wanted people to know that I am a musician. This album is so musical. I feel like it’s so ahead of its time.”

And K. Michelle is serious about this upcoming album (which still remains nameless), because she's already announced the second single titled “Maybe I Should Call," which will be released soon.

Listen to Michelle's "Love 'Em All."