Jodeci To Release First Song In Almost 2 Decades, “Nobody Wins”

The iconic R&B quartet, Jodeci, will be making their way back onto the music scene after nearly two decades of hiatus. Following the confirmation that the 2014 Soul Train Awards will include a reunion of the legendary group, the music world went crazy. While performing for the awards show, they will also debut their first new single, "Nobody Wins," after an 18-year break of no new projects.

“Sometimes it’s just the wrong timing,” said Mr. Dalvin explaining why the group has not released any new music since 1996’s “Get on Up.”

“You can fall into the trap that a lot of artists fall into by just putting records out there because fans are excited and start tarnishing your legacy and body of work you’ve created. People waited all these years for some quality music – not just throwing music out there.”

According to Yahoo! Music, "Nobody Wins" carries a chorus that exhibits Jodeci's signature lush harmonies, but the soulful music bed also takes a more mature turn for the group. They sing, "Nobody wins when we fight, fuss and argue," as Atlanta rapper B.o.B. shares his contribution to the verses.

Jodeci will appear at the Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas on November 30. Fans are overwhelmed by this special announcement, and I’m sure everyone is waiting for the announcement of a new tour from these singin’ fellas.