Rochelle Jordan – So Good

Super-producer Timbaland has teamed up with Lenovo and Microsoft for the “Team Up With Timbaland” song contest in which artist submitted a song to win a chance to work with the super producer. Out of over 6,000 song submissions, Rochelle Jordan (ROJO) has been chosen as one of the 5 finalists. Jordan and her team developed her song “So Good” as a part of the challenge by Timbaland.

What Rochelle and her team came up with for her submission is “So Good”; Rochelle always chooses rhythmic tracks which compliment her light, airy vocals, so working with Timbo seems like a natural thing (in the same vein of the late Aaliyah, who's sound Rochelle's sound is often compared to).

The contest winner will be announced around the end of November. Rochelle’s 1021 project is due November 11th.

For more info on the “Team Up With Timbaland” contest and to meet the other finalists, click here.

Listen to what Rojo and her team cooked up.