Traci Braxton Talks Going Solo, Her Unique Sound, Kissing Her Husband In the Mouth, More [EXCLUSIVE]

Although she is just now releasing her debut solo album, Traci Braxton has all the pieces to be successful: She’s good looking, has a distinguished voice and sound, and has a vibrant and welcoming personality. We caught up with the outspoken Braxton Family Values and Marriage Boot Camp star recently, and she spoke about her upcoming debut, Crash & Burn, how reality TV aided in its release, her sound, how she loves to kiss her husband in the mouth and more. Check out the video above and/or read our excerpts from the clip below:

On Performing Without Sisters: It feels great. I was kind of strange at first because I’m always with my sisters, so now it’s like ‘OK! Traci, you can do this.’ I give a whole lot of energy.

On Toni Opening Doors For All Sisters: I thank God that Toni opened the doorway for us, and [being] on tour with us, doing backgrounds and things like that; It just prepared us. It prepared each and every last one of us for our life and our own music.

On Being Unique: The most unique thing is I have my own sound, I have my own voice. A lot of people say, ‘well, she’s no Tamar, she’s no Toni.’ Right, I’m Traci… and I’m different.

On Single “Last Call” and Personal Relation: “Last Call” related to me when I did ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ I was going through all this with my husband… His infidelity happened in the beginning of our marriage. We’ve been married for 18 years, and together for 22 years, so in the beginning of our marriage, he went out there, I got mad, I went out there, because I wanted to get him back. I thought I forgave him, but I actually didn’t, and so that’s why I went on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ One of the writers saw ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ and saw me talk about it and basically wrote the song… That song identified with my life because of the things that I was going through at home that I didn’t even realize I was still upset about.

[WATCH: Traci Braxton – Last Call]


On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Help: It helped a lot because now I just love kissing him in the mouth. I love it! Our communication skills sucked so bad, because I was holding on to some old past that I didn’t even discuss with him… If I went to him and had that kind of conversation, I think It would have been so much better. I get mad with him and won’t say nothing. Now, when I’m upset with him, Imma tell you… It’s so much better.

On Advice For Struggling couples: You have to compromise… But if you feel as though you can’t work it out, don’t stay there. Mine is working out and I love staying there because I love kissing him in the mouth… He’s a great kisser and it helps.

On What To Expect On Debut Album, ‘Crash & Burn’: You should expect some laughter, dancing, life experiences; everybody could relate with my first album. I’m really excited about it. I’m doing a duet with Raheem DeVaughn; Tank wrote a song, and my brother, he wrote a song.

On TV Aiding in The Album’s Release: I think TV helped in my decision of doing an album because for so long I’ve been trying to go back and trying to be a solo artist. I got a lot of people saying ‘you don’t sound like Toni, I need you to sound more like Toni’; I’m not Toni. This time, I actually had my manager, Cliff Jones, hear me at the studio… Cliff was like… ‘we getting ready to do this project, you going to be a singer.’

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