G.Nax – Mona Lisa

Last year, G.Nax introduced themselves to the world with their photographed-inspired and self-directed (filmed and edited) music video "Exit" off their debut EP "Molotov Music". After three EPs, two videos and one short documentary, G.Nax is ready to deliver their debut album, Grillz & Bakery, to the world. The project is headed by this tune “Mona Lisa,” which aims to trump a new standard of beauty.

Members Gene & Mr. Axnt explain, "We live in a world where bad became good and good became bad and young females have less and less role models to be inspired by. So we thought creating a new role model for the young generation by elevating them and give them a new standard of beauty and self-esteem. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa portrait was the best representation of what we had in mind, because her beauty doesn't follow the world's standards but the portrait is one of the most expensive paintings on earth, in other words, she has a value,” they explain.

Grillz & Bakery is due out December 2nd. Pre-order begins on October 21st.