EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Latimore Talks New Single, Heartbreak and Not Crying, Maturing, Challenges, More

You may need to remove the single "Like Em’ All" from your membrane because Jacob Latimore is all grown up. Entering a more mature phase of his rising career, the R&B singer and actor took time off to enhance his craft and indulge in the experiences of life, and now he's ready to strike again. With Films like "Black Nativity," "Ride Along," and the upcoming "The Maze Runner" under his belt, Jacob launched the new single "Heartbreak Heard Around The World," and is prepping a new album via RCA. We caught up with the young crooner to discuss the new single, featuring T-Pain, the difference in his music this time around, his inspiring, being young in the music business, and more.

Watch the video above and check out some excerpts below:

Coming Back and Launching a New Single: My new single is out, “Heartbreak Heard Around The World,” featuring T-Pain; it’s on iTunes right now, the video is out — just been doing a lot of running around for that single. [It’s a] really really great song, I really feel like it’s my record, a different record for me as well because a lot of my previous singles have been really urban, and this is the first time I put out an official single in a while… I just really been grindin’ and trying to build my fan base.

[Watch: Jacob Latimore perform “Heartbreak Heard Around The World”]

Working With T-Pain: T-Pain got on it a few months later after I record it… he just added this spice to it, we went with that and shot the video for it.

Being Heartbroken: I haven’t had the heartbreak equal to the intensity of the record, but I had that little feeling in your stomach like ‘that kinda hurt a little bit.’ I haven’t found that person I actually love to actually feel that huge heartbreak.

The Difference This Time Around: I feel like I’m really kinda starting over because I’ve been growing over the years… I took some time off, I did all films last year, I guest starred in “Ride Along,” did Black Nativity, I started in that with Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett… and I have another movie coming out this September called “The Maze Runner.” I took some time off to kind of grow up a little bit.

Things Inspiring His Musical Growth: We digging the chicks way more, we’re involved in more mature things, not like raunchy or explicit stuff, but we going through more stuff, we got more stuff to talk about and that’s really inspiring me to start writing… As you get older you relate to more stuff because you experience more stuff.

Challenges Being Young in The Music Business: I’m young, but this is definitely a grown man’s business… This industry will grow you up, that’s why you see a lot of teen artists that seem more mature because this business makes you mature. You have to have tough skin, you have to deal with a lot of criticism… you just gotta keep pushing, if you love what you do, everything will work out for you.

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