[EXCLUSIVE] Marsha Ambrosius We’re Not Ready For Her Reality TV, Talks Musical Contributions, Super Power, More

Marsha Ambrosius is probably one of the realest artists we've ever encountered. There is nothing cookie-cutter or sugarcoated about the former Floetry singer-songwriter, this is evident in her sophomore solo album, Friends & Lovers, and in her personal life. In addition to speaking with Marsha about her recently released sophomore album recently, we also chopped it up with the R&B songstress about her female super power, being happy with her contributions to music, who she wants to duet with, reality TV, and more. Watch the video above and/or check out some excerpts below.

On Her Super Power — I can read people. I use it to my advantage to filter out anything that I don’t need in my life. By being a Leo, I lead you to the bitter end, show me exactly who you are, like the whole cat and mouse game in the beginning when everyone’s trying to do the most, I get it, let’s see where you’re at a month from now.

On Being Happy With Musical Contributions — My contributions thus far to the industry are clear and evident to me when you can hear other music and someone saying ‘that sounds like some Marsha shit.’ Now I have a thing, a signature that people attempt to blueprint, if that’s not doing something, I don’t know what is. The one key thing I wanted to do is stand out and be significant, distinctive, and unique… my legacy isn’t done, I’m still working on writing my best song

On a Possible Duet Album — A duel project between myself and the composer John Williams. I’ve done pretty much every other duet that I wanted to do, whether that was myself and Michael Jackson … conducting Earth, Wind, & Fire, Patti Labelle … John Williams just sounds like a fantasy … Star Wars for crying out loud … My favorite musical scores, I want to pair what that feels like with a vocal.

On Breaking From Music — Let’s go to Disney Land, Let’s go to Universal Studios, and IMAX theater and watch the flick of the day… I’m pretty chill, pretty laid back. I’ll cook for you, and we’ll sit there and just talk about life… that’s my turn down.

On Reality TV — I don’t know, stuff like that, reality TV, I don’t think anyone will be ready for my reality TV show… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get clearance for half the things I say, nor do or the people that are actually in my life… You don’t get to go behind that door. I’ve managed to do some very privileged things… me singing Christmas carols with the President of the United States… I don’t think you’d be able to come to that.

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