[EXCLUSIVE] Marsha Ambrosius Talks ‘Friends & Lovers’, Loving & Lusting, Her Attraction, More

Marsha Ambrosius is probably one of the realest artists we've ever encountered. There is nothing cookie-cutter or sugarcoated about the former Floetry singer-songwriter, and this is evident in her sophomore solo album, Friends & Lovers. We caught up with Marsha recently and she gave us a run down on the project including why she chose the album title 'Friends & Lovers', loving or lusting, what she's attracted to, and more.

On Her Album Title: The title 'Friends & Lovers' came from me doing 'Late Nights & Early Mornings' that resulted in me meeting some friends and lovers. So, it just made sense giving the sequel to the experiences I had prior that resulted in me meeting brand new people … some friends and some lovers.

On settling Down or Keeping It Moving: Depending on the relationship, it's not a settling down or keeping it moving, it's where I'm at in my life, so I create relationships that are conducive to my lifestyle … I need to be with some dude that is comfortable enough to say 'see you when you get back'. And if I ain't in that relationship then I have to be comfortable enough with someone that I can leave for two weeks and hopefully they'll be back when I get there.

On Loving or Lusting: I'm absolutely in love with life … I'm definitely in lust with a couple of people. I believe that creates that balance for me to create the music that I do.

On Her Attraction: All energy to me. It's just a thing that happens, but when It does, it's magic, it's I can't take my eyes off of you, it's when we see each other, we have to touch, whether that's a handshake … a longer embrace than we should be; it's that energy between two people that creates the magic.

On Why 'Friends & Lovers' Is Special: Friends & Lovers for me is special because I managed to seamlessly engage every aspect of what I'm going through in my life through lyrics and melodies from beginning to end. Whether that's the intro I did with Dem Joints where I'm getting in the car, you don't know with who, you don't know if I'm driving, if he's driving, but I just know we're going somewhere. But then seamlessly transitions into "So Good," which is the initiation of you acknowledging that person that you wanna do it to. So by the time you get to "Night Time," by the time you get to "69," and all of this journey that builds up to the morning after, it's where do we go from here. Now I can't find my shoes, my toothbrush, my panties … that means I've been over there … and it also means I know that you had a chick cause I'm telling you to choose between me and her … So it's dealing with all of these elaborate friends and lovers, and that fine line that if you cross it, it's dangerous, but when you do, you can either find love, find yourself, find lust … it's an album.

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