This Soup! Jill Scott On New Album: Mixing It Up, Country, Rock and R&B

Jill Scott is mixing up different genres and elements of music on her forthcoming and anticipated new album.

Discussing the highly anticipated set with HuffPost Live recently, Scott confirmed some of the producers that she is working with. She also confirmed that we will hear music inspired by the storytelling that she loves in country.

"I'm working with Pop & Oak, David Banner, 9th Wonder, Aaron Pierce, and Andre Harris. I'm creating this soup that people may or may not understand just yet," Scott shared.

Explaining that the music is "country to a certain degree," Scott went on to discuss why she was inspired to take this direction.

"I love the truth in country. I love the pictures in country. I love the story telling in that music as well," said Scott. "I'm mixing that with R&B. I'm also mixing it with Pop. I'm mixing it with Hip-Hop and you don't do these things overnight. These are all my favorite genres of music, and rock too, I'm just mixing it all up."