Newcomer ScribeCash Talks Being a Female MC, Influences, Nicki Minaj, More [EXCLUSIVE]

ScribeCash might be dangerous! Not only is she sexy, the California-bread female emcee posses the lyrical chops to be competitive in the rap arena, and not just with other females. We caught up with the 18-year-old charismatic and fresh newcomer to see what all the fuss was about!

On Being Different From Other Female Emcees: I think that what makes me so different is that even though I'm very young, I have lyrics that can relate to any audience.I also love the fact that I don’t really fit in a box, because my sound is extremely versatile. I always tell my fans to expect the unexpected.

On Her Hip Hop Influences: I love Drake’s whole movement; I appreciate the fact that he can go from being romantic to just spitting bars on an album. Songs like “The Real Her” and “Camera” really inspired me to take it to the next level. Of course, I’m inspired by the king, Kendrick Lamar. As we all know, his “Control” verse took the rap game to a whole new level, but even his "Good Kid Mad City" album set the bar for rap albums. Finally, I can truly say that the female emcee that I look up to the most would be Lauryn Hill. In my opinion, she’s the best female emcee of all time. Her lyrics and songwriting ability has yet to be matched, and she only dropped one album. I recently got the chance to see her live, and it was amazing. She’s a musical genius. She was rearranging music, directing her band, directing her back up singers, all while she was putting on the show of a lifetime.

On Her Sound: I would define my sound as extremely eclectic with a lot of energy. I truly don't like to restrict myself, because in general I just want to make dope music with a message that people love.

On Nicki Minaj's Contribution to Hip Hop: I think Nicki Minaj is a great artist and she has contributed a lot to the hip hop community.I think that she has opened doors in a major way for female rappers as far as commercial success is concerned.

On Musical Legacy: When it's all said and done, I hope that my Scribes remember me for making positive music. I hope that my lyrics inspire other artist to go out there and chase their dreams because dreams don't sleep!!

Watch the music video for ScribeCash's new single "Never Breaking Up" Ft. TreVante

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