K. Michelle Gets Dating Advice From A 6-Year-Old Preacher

(Gospel Break) R&B singer and reality star K. Michelle visited a 6-year-old preacher by the name of Mir Mir and asked him for relationship guidance and he got straight to it for the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer. Mir Mir was quick to tell K. that she has to stay away from basketball players and to stop cussing her men out.

With his southern preacher’s accent, Mir Mir took their conversation straight to church while offering the singer reassurance that she will find a man:

Tears gon’ run down your eyes. You gon’ fold when you see that man walking down the aisle, get on his knees, ‘Will you please marry me?’ He gon’ get back up. Y’all gon’ kiss. The ring gon’ be on ya marriage finger. Then we gon’ say, ‘Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!’ The Lord is blessing you right now! Not tomorrow, but right now! Everything is about right now!

The young preacher broke into a praise dance before leaving her :

God is the one that is making the man. You gon’ get a man. One time you gon’ get a man. You ain’t gotta raise him. His mother’s gon’ raise him.

Watch below:

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