Sunday Best Finalist Latice Crawford Talks Life After, New Music, Goal as a Singer, Family, More

Latice Crawford is a "rising star" in the gospel landscape. Music lovers were impressed with Crawford's anointed and gifted voice during her finalist run on BET's Sunday Best. She says, "I testify to a beat." Even though she wasn't the winner on the gospel competition, Crawford's creative juices flow as an artist. She records music that will change people's lives within minutes. She also makes it clear to everyone that she will remain true to herself and she is NOT selling her soul for fame & fortune.

Along with her pathway to success, she met the love of her life, Jeff Spain, which she considers to be one of the biggest blessings in her life. Crawford is able to share her dreams, aspirations, and her love for God with her soul-mate. It is an important intricate for her since true love is so hard to find in the entertainment industry.

While Crawford was on tour with gospel recording artist, Marvin Sapp, conversed with the singer about her love for gospel music, real love, RCA Inspirational, and more.

Gospel Music and Sunday Best: I grew up listening to gospel music; I was a preacher's daughter. My father was a pastor so it was around me all the time. It wasn't really my own personal choice. I was singing in church but I didn't want to go into ministry because it can be very demanding, causes headaches, and it's just a lot of responsibility for one person. But with the encouragement of my family and the ministers at church, they thought I should sing professionally. I had a conversation with my brother-n-law about Sunday Best and that's when I auditioned for the show. I went on the show as a way for everyone to get off my back about singing. My loved ones recognized my talent and I am just so grateful for that push. I didn't see it coming but they gave me the extra push to be where I am now today.

Overcoming Social Disorders: Growing up I wasn't really around a lot of big crowds because I used to have anxiety attacks. As I got older, they got worst and I dropped out of school. And then I was eventually home schooled. I just isolated myself from people and places. But, then one day I decided to take charge of my life and stepped out on faith by auditioning for Sunday Best. I felt like God used my voice to ease my way through this disorder. It was a way for me to breakthrough because it had to be done.

Collaborations with Other Artists: I don't have a specific line-up about which artists I want to work with but I want the artist's voice to speak to me when I work with them. Their music and persona has to cope with what I am trying to deliver as an artist. You can have one of the best voices, but if we are not meeting eye to eye, then we are not getting any work done. But, collaborating with other artists is definitely in the works for the future. I would like to work with my label-mate Darnell Davis, because his voice is incredible. He is very talented. Also, I would like for R.Kelly to write a song for me because he is an incredible writer. I mean he is a musical genius that has the ability to write a hit for any genre of music.

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