EXCLUSIVE: Ashanti Talks Being a Bully, Being Discouraged at Times, Being Shelved, More

In the second segment of our sit down with Grammy winning recording artist Ashanti, the singer-songwriter talks about who she is as an artist and being a perfectionist, being discouraged with music at times, delving more into acting, and the goal of her record label, Written Entertainment.

Key points:

"Ashanti the person is cooler than a motha! [laughs]"

"I've been told that I'm a bit of a bully…I like to be very hands on, I know what I'm doing in the studio."

"I have definitely had moments where I felt like, awe, this is not what it's suppose to be, this cannot really all be happening at once. You do get a little discouraged…I don't think I ever got to a point where I was gonna completely give up."

"I feel like television is where the money is."

"I've been shelved before and I never wanna do that to another artist."

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