K. Michelle Own Two Spots & Teedra Moses’ Return Lands on Top 10 Most Popular R&B Songs

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K. Michelle's aggression is reshaped into a music weapon that bombs men and recruits ladies. Both remix tracks, “Loyal (Deez N*ggaz Remix)” and “Can’t Raise a Man”, earned spots on the Top 10 Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week. In addition to landing on the chart, the songs forced conversation between the sexes, her “Loyal” remix is a response to Chris Brown's take of deceitful woman and on "Can’t Raise a Man" remix, 112 member Q Parker fire back at K, asking who told her to school a man. The fact that each record received responses indicate that she is tapping in the conversations in salons, barbershops or social networks. People are demanding real talk, and K. Michelle is giving it.

Teedra Moses is a self-proclaimed lioness, but with a legion of followers awaiting her voice to breath over any instrumental, it seems more like she is the head of a music cult. This week, Teedra threw “All I Ever Wanted” on to the internet to swirl her loyalist with the infectious Camp Lo sample of “Luchini.” In her gentle voice, she yearns for real love minus the material aspect. As always, Teedra is in high demand, and now she has the support of Raphael Saadiq and Rick Ross, who can give her the push she needs in order to finally drop a new project. “All I Ever Wanted” will appear on Teedra’s forthcoming Cognac & Conversation EP, executive produced by Rick Ross and the legendary Raphael Saadiq.

Go through the entire R&B chart to see where Coko, Jhene Aiko, Ashanti, Profyle, Chris Brown, Kentrell, and Rico Love lands.

Chris Brown - Counterfeit Ft Rihanna  Wiz Khalifa

Chris Brown – Counterfeit Ft Rihanna Wiz Khalifa

Someone decided to unleash what’s being called "the original" version of Chris Brown album song "Counterfeit," featuring Rihanna and Wiz Khalifa.

Jhene Aikio - The Worst Ft Raekwon Ted Smooth Remix

Jhene Aikio – The Worst Ft Raekwon Ted Smooth Remix

The self-proclaimed "Remix King" DJ Ted Smooth drops another one of his musical revamps, this time for Jhene Aiko's latest single "The Worst." Borrowing the track from the classic Fugees hit "Ready Or Not," Smooth gets Raekwon to drop a fresh new verse for a great mix that sounds like a completely new song.

K. Michelle - Loyal Remix

K. Michelle – Loyal Remix

Keyshia Cole vented her frustrations over Chris Brown's track "Loyal," and now K. Michelle adds her vocals and two cents to the situation. “Why you got an attitude? / Girl that’s everybody’s dude,” she answers to Cole’s gripe that "these n*ggaz ain’t loyal."

Ashanti - Runaway

Ashanti – Runaway

Ashanti latest album cut to hit the worldwide web is "Runaway," on the track she finally decides to leave a dead end love situation.

Profyle - I'm In Love

Profyle – I’m In Love

Nothing raunchy here! Profyle's proclamation "I'm in Love" leaves no doubt that the person's best Match.com candidate has been found. Who else would have you become a vegan or wear matching shirts?

Teedra Moses - All I Ever Wanted

Teedra Moses – All I Ever Wanted

Teedra Moses is back to blow your mind with her brand new single "All I Ever Wanted." On the Thaddeus Dixion-produced, Camp Lo's "Luchini"-sampled track, the Maybach Music Group affiliate yearns for real love minus the material aspect, but when that doesn’t happen, she croons, "I don’t need you know more."

K. Michelle - Can't Raise A Man Ft Q Parker

K. Michelle – Can’t Raise A Man Ft Q Parker

For the male answer to Michelle's current single "Can't Raise A Man," 112 member Q Parker jumps on the track to speak up for the men: K. Michelle says you can’t raise a man, and Q Parker says "Nobody asked you to."

Rico Love - B*tches Be Like

Rico Love – B*tches Be Like

Hit songwriter Rico Love calls out a certain type of woman in this new single "Bitches Be Like."No shade, he just tells it like he sees it.

Kentrell - Because You

Kentrell – Because You

Kentrell made a welcoming re-introduction with the release of "Just Because." His bouncy falsetto stays ahead of the track as he sways from calm to a spastic rush of energy.

Coko - At Your Feet

Coko – At Your Feet

While SWV remain in somewhat of a limbo due to their contractual issues with current label Mass Appeal Entertainment, Coko is showing signs of another solo project with the release of the new single, "At Your Feet."