Ne-Yo Shifts His Focus Back to R&B: “I Had to Go Home on This One”

Ne-Yo is coming home…back to his genre that is!

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter opened up about his forthcoming sixth studio album, revealing that the project will "predominately" be R&B.

"As of right this second my main focus is my new album," Ne-Yo told Billboard. “It’ll be out probably towards the summertime, predominately R&B this time. I had a little stint with the dance music and all of that, which I had a good time with– and I love the audience, I love them for accepting me doing it –but I had to go home on this one. Had to take it back to my roots, and not to say that there won’t be one, maybe two songs on there that the dance crowd can get into, but the majority, the girth of the album, will be R&B.”

Known for R&B hits like “So Sick,” “Sexy Love,” “Miss Independent,” amongst others, Ne-Yo’s last hit single is the electro-pop “Let Me Love You,” which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and No. 4 on the US Hot Dance Club Songs and Mainstream Top 40 charts respectively.

“I’ve actually been wanting to go back to my R&B roots for two albums now but [I didn't], just from the standpoint of being a pioneer, leading people into whatever the next thing was gonna be,” Ne-Yo adds. “There wasn’t a lot of R&B cats doing songs at 120 beats per minute before ‘Closer,’ which I take full credit and responsibility for. That’s all good, but it was an experiment. You experiment with something, if it goes good, cool, but you never forget where you come from and R&B is where I come from.”

If his upcoming album is anything like his surprise three-tracks Valentine’s Day EP, 3 Simple Rules, fans will be in for a real musical treat.

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