ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Felicia Temple Talks Cheating & Loving It, Broken Heart, New Single, More

R&B singer/songwriter Felicia Temple, hailing from New Jersey, has a touch of the past with a new age appeal. Her music is true to her personal experiences and who she is as an artist. Her single "If That's What You Want," produced by District 9, gives us an idea of how sexy and rich the music from "Bedroom Chronicles" will be. We had the opportunity to chop it up about love, being an up and coming artist, her "Bedroom Chronicles" project and more. Check it out.

Who I Am … I would say I'm straight forward … blunt … funny and witty. I always have something to say. As an artist, I'm emotional, unforgiving and relentless. I don't give up on my vision, ever. I'm stubborn, but only because as an artist, other people's ideas of what we should sound like, look like, act like tend to water down who we really are. I don't want that to ever happen to me. I have a strong personality. My daddy taught me to always speak up.

My Project … My new EP, "Bedroom Chronicles" is something that I've always wanted to do. It speaks on not just sex, but all the things that happen behind closed doors, including cheating and enjoying it. I wanted to speak on real topics that women are afraid to speak of out loud. Most men do have a rep for making sexy music. I wanted to do something from a woman's point of view.

When I Cry … I cry easily. I cry watching "Say Yes to the Dress". LOL! Last time I cried was Valentine's Day. I was completely overwhelmed with business, my day and my relationship was on a fast downhill spiral. I had a show that evening, so luckily the night got better for me.

The Single ‘If That’s What You Want’ … Just being so completely in love with someone that you would give them everything. Whatever they want. The type of love that says, "I'm staying if you're staying". What woman doesn't want that?

[Listen to If That's What You Want]

My Sound … I would describe my sound as genuine R&B. Music that makes you think of people that loved you, hurt you and everything in between. If my music were a color, it would be aqua blue-green … bright but calming. Refreshing, warm. It would taste like mom's home cooking on a Sunday after church. It would feel like falling in love for the first time.

New Jersey … In the tri-state area in general there's such a beautiful intermixing of people. You hear every and any kind of music around here. Who doesn't love soulful music? People are particularly drawn to music that brings out emotions they feel, once felt, or hope to feel one day.

I'm Listening To … I listen to the MOST random and at times, not so recent music. I love R&B of course, so I have Jill Scott, Maxwell, Brandy, and the Foreign Exchange always in rotation. I listen to a lot of Billie Holiday and Barbra Streisand.

Rap Alias … Queen Fe. I like the sound of that! LOL

Favorite Hip Hop Album … I can listen to Lupe Fiasco's The Cool any day. So well put together. Favorite rap song is the acoustic version of Tupac's ‘Thugz Mansion’ ft Nas.

Pure Love … Overwhelming, comforting and lastly, but most importantly, it is truly unconditional.

Broken-Hearted Love … It's a gut-wrenching pain that feels like you're going to implode. It's a sharp pain that travels up and grabs your throat. It makes it hard to breathe. It seems like it's never going to get better but it always does.

Love Child … I would have a love child with Bryan Michael Cox! I love his sound; I think he could bring out something beautiful in my voice. I would call the baby Harmony, because that's exactly what we would produce; the PERFECT harmony!

Guilty Pleasures … Popping pimples (I know, disgusting but I loveeee to pick at people) and a good margarita on the rocks with no salt; so many calories but always worth it!

Smile … Kind words, music, love, family, nature. That Pharrell record "Happy" automatically puts a smile on my face no matter what!

Musical Influences … Hands down Mariah Carey!! My grandmother (Who was an all-around entertainer), Nancy Wilson, Barbra Streisand, Donny Hathaway and Alicia Keys (Who was the reason I learned how to play piano).

Hood Slang … "A fant" is a fantasy. (I never use that word for the record LOL)

Top Ten R&B Songs

10. Sweeter Than You- The Foreign Exchange
9. Spend my Life with You- Eric Benet ft. Tamia
8. Everything I Have is Yours- Billie Holiday
7. Love of my Life- Brian McKnight
6. Weak- SWV
5. Soon As I Get Home- Faith Evans
4. I Want You- Marvin Gaye
3. So Fine- Mint Condition
2. Don't Change- Musiq Soulchild
1. All of Me- John Legend

Something People May Not Know … I have my Bachelor's in nursing and I am a peri-operative Registered Nurse during the day. My theme is "Nerd by Day, Wonderwoman by Night". ;)