Timothy Bloom Talks Love For Music, Debut Album, Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo, Being Real, More

Singer, songwriter, and producer, Timothy Bloom is ready to share his gift of music to the world. The North Carolina native and preacher's kid was musically inclined at a very young age. The "spiritual music" in the church drew his attention, and his affair with music started immediately. The instrumentalist started playing the drums, piano, guitar, and bass. But, to further his musical journey, he traveled to Germany and since his return to the United States, his pathway to success is just beginning. Already collaborated with R&B veteran, Smokey Robinson, Usher, and Ne-Yo, he is putting his skills to the test with his self-titled EP. Bloom knows he has to set a high standard for himself as a musician as he climbs the ladder to success. The industry will continue to expect timeless music from this man right now. Bloom took the time to chat with Singersroom about his responsibility as an artist, working with pioneers, evolution, and his everlasting love for music.

His Love For Music: My love for music began in the church because my dad was a pastor. I grew listening up to the Clark Sisters and James Cleveland. The tone of gospel music and the actual music itself, I fell in love with right away. I started playing the drums in my dad's church, and I just started playing this instrument with my eyes closed. Then I started to playing the piano and everything started to progress; I started playing the guitar and bass.

Singing: I didn't know I could sing until I started singing the song, "God Put a Rainbow in my Window," and my sister started screaming. I did little talents shows here and there. But, once I started singing, people began to recognize my talent. And after I graduated from high school in 1999, I went to Germany and went on tour with this singing group and that's when I really started making money. And when I moved back to the states, my first major project was working with Smokey Robinson and some of his album cuts.

Working With Smokey Robinson: My former manager, who was also an A&R for Motown Records at the time, his son and I are friends. So one day we drove to California and Smokey was like let me help you guys with your career. We set up a studio right in his house and we just started working with each other. It was a dream come true. Smokey taught me there's no such thing as a writer's block. He started writing a song, "Onion," and I'm like where is this coming from? He was like you know, a woman’s touch, and it was hilarious. It blew me away because his songwriting is just incredible and how he spans on his ideas creatively. Smokey is an amazing singer but one thing about him; he likes to get the work done. We got in the studio and knocked everything out in two hours. He was pretty much on point; we were not coming back the next day to finish a song. His skill sense was like go in and just do it, and he sound amazing.

Smokey taught me to always remain passionate about your work and don't let anything stop you from doing it. He was telling me really love what you do and always keep that in mind. I mean, Smokey Robinson is a legend (lol) so to receive that extra boost from him to progress as an artist every day was great. I know coming from him that practice makes perfect.

Ne-Yo: I had a track and a friend of mine was dancing for Ne-Yo. And so, she played it on the bus and he was like, "Can I have that record?" Next thing I know I'm working with Ne-Yo, which was great because Ne-Yo’s talent speak for itself. The name of the track was "Say It," from the Because of You album. And to receive a Grammy award for Best R&B album is like receiving your diploma in music.

His Self-titled Debut Album: On the album, it was a lot of old school, a lot of soul. Everything from Jonny Mathis, to Curtis Mayfield, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Jeff Buckley, you name it. I just did something for me, because on this album, I talked about all of the experiences I've encountered as a man. I really poured it out in my music, especially in relationships. I wanted to write about a powerful thing that affects us all: Love. Love is something you can't deny, it's a feeling, it's an emotion, and we all are affected by it. I had a catalog of songs for this album, but I really had to sit down and ask myself, "What do I want to say in these songs?" I believe for any song, you must have soul in it. It's like real recognizes real, or my spirit is drawn to yours. When you’re writing a song, you want the listener to get a chill. Some of the songs on my album, I was in different places, and as a skillful musician and singer, it was a spirit that drove me to record these songs. I can't really describe it, but I know listeners are going to recognize that I put my heart and soul on this record.

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Goal As An Artist: I want to put out good music and I want do it forever. That's what I want to do, put out of good music that will touch people in every capacity. It is my duty; it is my rightful duty as an artist. Honestly, I believe as much as I try to walk away from music, it always pulls me right back in because this is what I was set out to do. So I am going to be around for the long term.

Remaining True in a Shady Industry: It is important to know the business and the ups and downs with labels. I was signed to Capital Records in 2005, but then disagreements and creative differences came into play, which happens all the time. It's unpredictable, that's why you must have a prayer life. It would drive you crazy if that is not instilled. You will walk around being depressed, upset, and with your eyes closed. Working with Timbaland and all of these amazing cats; I still look up to them today. It is an amazing journey because these experiences taught me to have a better business sense. The experiences made me who I am as a man; It is important to have tough skin. If you don't, you start to doubt your gifts and talents. It is necessary to remain true to you. I am just a blessed man because I was taught certain principles and I just have to apply them to the music business.

What Fans Should Expect: Fans should expect my truth, my experiences, everything. I am giving you all of me in the music. I am giving you everything that I have, this is powerful right here. Like I said before, real recognizes real. I want to give fans the music that can put them in any kind of mood. Music can make you feel invincible, make you want to shoot up the whole neighborhood. It can make you sad and go into a dark place. It can make you feel happy; it just changes your whole mood. It just shows you how music affects us all and why it has such a huge impact on people. And that's what I want to be apart of as an artist. I want to put out music that brings life out of people, and this is what fans are going to get from me. There's only one way I know how to be with the fans, and that's REAL.