The Battle: Marcus Cooper vs. Pleasure P; Plus ‘Break Up to Make Up’ [PREMIERE]

Pleasure P aka Marcus Cooper is back to teach the world what real R&B music sounds like, and he’s doing it for the ladies. It has been a while since we last heard from the "I Love Girls" singer, but on Valentine's Day Pleasure P returns to release the 'Break Up To Make Up' mixtape. The mixtape is a little of what you would expect from him and a little of what you wouldn't. You will hear songs with a reggae vibe and you will hear songs that are meant for you to do the lovers dance. Either way his comeback is highly welcomed.

Choosing the Name Pleasure P or Marcus Cooper… To be honest, I wanted people to get to know both; kind of like how Sean Diddy Combs is Puffy, do you know what I mean? All those people are me. So both of those guys that you know me as that’s me. Marcus Cooper is my government name and then Pleasure P is my artist name; that’s the name that ladies fell in love with so we still have to work something out with that one.

They tried sabotaging my name that I worked so hard for; it it let me just start fresh, but then I was like you know what, you have the confidence, you worked hard and put in so much time into this that you just can't let something as small as that (alleged child molestation accusations) ruin what you worked so hard for. So I was like its time to fight back and speak up and put out music because I can overcome it by doing those types of things.

Big Break Between Debut Album & Sophomore Project… Well I have been going through life; life in the music business you know what I mean? I’ve been going through different labels and different situations. Certain people did not do what they said they were going to do, so I just took the initiative to do things on my own. Other then that, I have just been working on other things; I co-wrote "Wild Ones" for Flo Rida on my time off. I’ve been kind of traveling the world to find different outlets other than just doing R&B, and I didn’t just want to do the dance music sound because everybody is doing that trend and I didn’t want to do that. I went to Jamaica and started working with Don Corleon there, and I put out a record called "Kiss Me" and "Caribbean Girl" and those records started taking off. I was like you know what, I like the island vibe. I love Jamaica, I have a lot of friends from there. I spent a lot of time there and in Australia and New Zealand and just working in different places so that when I do come back to R&B I would of already done things that labels don’t normally do for the artist on my own. I spent my own money and my time doing that.

Regrets or Future Strengths… You grow from it all, but I’ve learned so much about myself with my time off. A lot of people were there and lot of people were not anymore; a lot of things change. I could of still have been a person living that life; I’m just happy. God puts you through things for a reason, so I am just happy he put me through that so I can see these things. When I see certain celebrities now, and I see how they are living I’m just like man y'all don’t even have a clue. Life is not all about flossing this and that; it’s about other things. You have to know your purpose first and foremost; I was able to learn my purpose. Back in the day, I was flashy and had billions of friends and kind of arrogant a little bit, but it really humbled me.

Break Up to Make Up…I broke up with several women in my life and I made up with several women in my life. I don’t want to give just one individual that credit because these are all my life experiences that I went through. [There] was one particular relationship that I went through the kind of thing I learned a whole lot, so I wrote a lot of the songs based on that one. I kind of affiliated that one with other relationships that I had in the past too.

Stream and Download Pleasure P's 'Break Up to Make Up', hosted by DJ Clue.

When the Party Stops…Yes, because that’s what we do, we break up to make up then break up again you know what I mean. You have people now-a-days calling it "turning up," but I feel like I’m getting older now; everything is "turn up" there’s no seriousness and taking care of business. It’s all about partying and living a life you should not be living. I look at certain people, and I’m like what’s your purpose in life; all they do is hang around celebrities all day and do this and do that. But this "Break Up To Make Up" stuff is what you really should be going through; this is what people really go through. And everyone can relate to this because when the party stops like it did for me, one day you'll realize these things.

Letter to My Ex… For some time I did wish that person was part of my future, but I am over it. But throughout that time that I was going through it that’s when that song came about, but now it's years later; I’m over it and on to the next.

Relationship Advice for A Younger Pleasure P…If you are young, just understand the fact that you are young. You have the rest of your life to be with someone forever. If you’re young, you should just enjoy your time, and there are ways to have something that is like a relationship. The key is to just be honest with yourself; a lot of people start their relationships off and their not honest with themselves, so you spend the first six months to a year getting to know somebody then you realize who is this person? But that is the person that they always were. Another thing is, when you meet someone, don’t tell them all the things you like and dislike. I think it’s best if you let them figure it out for themselves because that way it makes it easier for them. That gives them all the answers to the test and you cannot do that. You tell them I don’t like a guy that’s like this, and I can pretend to be that guy but for so long. For me, at this point in my life, looking at things that way I do not just rush into relationships. I think relationships are serious and are not something to play with. Some people are like oh it’s about to be winter I need to get a boyfriend, and it cannot go like that it just can’t. So I think that you should take your time and really get to know the person and it would work out better for the longhand instead of just rushing into it something and finding out they’re not the person that you gave them the answers to be.

Reggae and R&B…I live in Miami, so I live in a cultural place. Here, you have your Cubans, Dominicans, Jamaicans, Haitians, you have every culture here. A lot of my friends are Jamaicans, so at home I would go to a reggae party just to get away from the normal scene. I kind of just taken a liken to it over the years, and it was always something that I had wanted to do. I wanted to do something that appeals to the world because R&B appeals to the world, but it don’t appeal to every part of the world, but reggae does. And I was not a fan of the whole fist pumping, drug taking and all that. I like the reggae vibe; they puff a little spliff then they chill and they cool, no craziness.

R&B Songs Sound Like Rap Songs… Keith Sweat is my mentor and he told me that they would battle sing, and they would battle with shows and everyone was friends, it was just competitive and fun. It was a lot of energy and people actually came together on tours. Now a days, it is like every R&B person is on tour with a rapper.

"People Don't let these artists fool ya.I'm that ni**a…R&B done got wack I'm just being honest." … People were asking where were you? You fell off, but I made enough money in my career to be perfectly fine and have all kinds of stuff. I have a ten-year-old son, and I have other responsibilities then just being a 24-hour artist. I am almost 30, so I am looking at life after music, of course I am going to continue to do music, but I can’t just run around for six to eight months to a year without seeing my family; I can’t do things like that anymore because I am getting older now I am not in my early 20s anymore. But there are a lot of artists that would try and fool you, like you only have one song I have been around for a whole generation.

Good Guys Finish Last… Good guys defiantly finish last, if you’re too nice to women she’ll think something is wrong with you. She’ll say, I don’t know what’s wrong with him everything is too perfect, so she is going to try and shoot it down because of the guys she’s been with in the past. Then you have the thing that no girl wants a guy that is a push over and is too nice all the time. She’s probably going to be like no this is not what I am looking for, and you will get your heartbroken for being too nice.


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