Ruben Studdard Post ‘Biggest Loser’: My Life Is Completely Different

Ruben Studdard feels completely new following "The Biggest Loser" (NBC). According to Studdard, performing is much easier now that he has lost over 100 pounds.

"It’s funny how you go around and you feel like you’re feeling great until you see how you feel after losing 100 pounds. I can sing on stage for hours like the best of them but am I tired after a concert now? No. Was I tired before? Yeah," Studdard shared with Centric last week. "When you’re standing up for two hours at 400-plus pounds you’re tired. I really see a complete change in my energy level and the way I’m able to deliver on stage."

As seen last year, Studdard appeared on the hit reality competition series, "The Biggest Loser," where he began a weight loss journey that led to the loss of 112 pounds. His three month stay on the show helped him to better understand his health profile.

"It showed me my complete health profile, the things that I need to do to change to stay around for a long time. I’ve worked too hard as a child and adolescent studying music to get to the place where I’m at to allow my health to take my career away from me," says Studdard.

In related news, Ruben Studdard will appear on the soon to premiere Centric series, "Being," which will chronicle his journey from Birmingham, Alabama to the national stage and beyond.

The series, also featuring Wendy Williams and Chaka Khan, premieres Feb. 15 on Centric.

Studdard's album, "Unconditional Love" is in stores today (Tuesday, Feb. 4).