Chaz Langley – Song of Sorrow

To all the lonely birds of the world, New York City-based boutique R&B and soul artist Chaz Langley understands your “Song of Sorrow.” He sees a woman and just wants “to do all he can to help her sing” out all the emotions in order to love again after heartbreak.

I saw this little bird sitting by a window /She was looking sad singing a song of sorrow / Wanted to mend her wing help her fly again /She was so sad in her heart she only wants to sing,” he emotes before his brief flow on the guitar groove.

Having performed with several notable artists including Michael McDonald, Shirley Ceasar, Tabitha Fair, Lucy Woodward, Bekka Bramlett, and the Grammy-nominated R&B sensation, Keri Hilson, Langley is currently working on several upcoming film and music projects, including a new EP to be released this year.