Day26 Talks The Break Up, Reunion Tour, Possible New Album, Que Coming Back, More [EXCLUSIVE]

It has been a while since we last heard from Day26, but the wait is over. The group is back together and better than ever. Since the news broke that the group would be reuniting, their fans have been going crazy on social media.

Twitter Day26 Feedback

@MiaLayMonroe Yes! Can't wait til 2014! Day26 IS BACK YA'LL! @Mike_day26 @MrAngel_day26 @Q_Tweetz @Rob_Day26 @WillieTaylor @day26

N Z E O @iAmAnzeo So glad my brothers are back together, now go save R&B! @WillieTaylor @MrAngel_day26

We’re happy that the group is back together and ready to make good R&B music.

Getting back together…. It’s great! Can’t wait to get back on stage and start killing it.

The breakup… It was not really a situation; everybody at this time was just going in separate directions, but we’re glad we grew back together and that’s all that really matters. We just supported everyone and what they wanted to do. With Que, he supported us and we supported him, but we’re glad to have him back and we're glad to be back all together as one.

New music… The tour should be full of new music and new routines, after the tour the fans might get an album, you never know. For the most part, we will sing those records the fans know and love.

New album… We want to focus more on the reunion tour for right now.

Why now… Time and growth … we’ve grown up and seen different sides of this industry separately and we notice that right now the biggest impact that we can have for us individually or together is for us to be together. And to actually give our fans what they are asking for, and we have the greatest fans in the world so it will kind of be bad if we didn’t.

For the fans… As much as our fans want it; It’s as much as we’re going to give them. If they keep asking for Day26 then we gon’ keep giving them Day26.

Who is your favorite Day 26 member?


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