SPOTLIGHT: Five Questions With August Alsina’s Hit Producer Knucklehead

Knucklehead has proven to be a diverse producer after expanding and garnering success in the R&B genre. After working with rappers like Rocko and Gucci Mane, the rising sensation found huge success with August Alsina – he is responsible for the mega-hit “I Luv This Sh*t,” along with “Downtown,” “Ghetto,” and several other tracks from August’s EP and mixtape. We caught up with Knucklehead to talk his sound, projects and making hits.

Let's talk about your transition from working with hip-hop artists to R&B singers. What influenced you to make this important decision in your career?

To be honest, my peers have always told me that my sound could go either way (R&B or Hip Hop). I'm from Texas, so I've always liked my music smooth & mellow, but I've lived in so many places, and I've had the chance to study the culture so I've always had the niche of knowing how to adapt. I love making R&B because it's more of a challenge than Hip Hop in my opinion. 90% of Hip Hop sounds the same to me with the exception of Drake, Jeezy, Kendrick, Ye, ASAP, Rocko just to name a few. That's why August & I click so well musically and as friends because we're constantly trying to push the envelope. We're all about doing what's never been done.

How did you discover your niche for R&B music? How do you plan to resurface R&B's current stage?

I've always had a melodic approach to making my beats, I usually start my beats with the melody first and then continue to build from there. Most producers may start with their drums first, but I've always been the guy who loves dope melodies. So like I said before, my friends would always tell me that my beats that I thought were for a Hip Hop artist could easily be for a R&B artist. So the more I heard that, the more it started to stick. I plan to resurface R&B's current stage by doing exactly what I'm doing now. I feel like R&B needed a makeover and what I mean by that is, before August and myself made our debut R&B was more female driven, and it still is don't get me wrong but I feel like we've made it comfortable for guys to hop in their whips and ride around to our music as well. I feel like every song before us wasn't relatable to what a guy thinks or goes thru. There wasn't many 808 driven R&B songs out there before us. R&B has been missing that element of surprise, and that's what I'm here for.

What makes a good producer in your opinion? What are some qualities a hit-maker must have?

I feel like, as a producer, it's all about expressing yourself through your music. You have to be able to express your individuality and not be afraid to make the music that "you" want the world to hear. You have to create your own sound/lane and just mash out.

Do you think you received enough recognition in the industry?

I feel like God has me right where he wants me to be, and with that being said, he'll continue to put me exactly where he wants me to be.

Which artists are you currently working with in the studio and give us some info on their respective projects?

I'm still going strong in the lab with August, and I love working with new artist. I've been working with newcomer Rocky Diamonds; I've produced 90% of his EP coming soon. He's going to be a problem, trust me.

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