Shvona Lavette Talks Debut Album, New York Influence, Health Tips For Women, More [Exclusive]

Newcomer Shvona Lavette has that it factor that will shock the world one day. Signed to the same management company as Snoop Dogg and Macy Gray, the triple threat singer/songwriter/actress exudes a welcoming essence to couple with her soulful tone and eargasmic sound. Readying her debut album, It Was Fun While You Lasted, for January 2014, the project hovers around the theme of “regaining female independence after a break-up.” We caught up with Shvona recently to discuss the effort, growing up in New York, acting, her beauty blog, and more.

1) How do your previous EPs connect to your upcoming album, It Was Fun While You Lasted, if at all?

My previous EPs stand alone. It Was Fun While You Lasted is a new sound and direction for me. This album is more of an alternative R&B sound with quite a few up-tempo records.

2) What's the significance of "Holding On"? Why is that the leading single?

"Holding on" is the lead single mainly because it was the first song I recorded when I started working on this album with my producer Justin Hori. You know that relationship that you can't get out of because you're not quite ready for whatever reason? That's what inspired the track.

Watch Shvona perform "Holding On" Live:

3) Has growing up in NY influenced any of your goals as an artist?

Absolutely! Growing up in New York is a main part of who I am and that driven hustle and energy keeps me moving forward creatively. Music and art are everywhere in New York, so my hometown just fueled the fire for all of my artistic interests.

4) So I understand your blog PinkSeed discusses beauty,health, and fitness. Do you have any tips for the ladies on how to stay fit during the winter months?

"The Pink Seed" is a great organic, beauty blog that also covers health, fitness and fashion. For the winter months, my advice on staying fit would be to eat protein and hydrate with water so on the actual holiday you can eat a little more. I know this time of year we are around a lot of family, friends and food so it's important to try your best to stay committed to your workout routines or at least do 10 minutes of workout daily.

5) How was recording It Was Fun While You Lasted?

I truly enjoyed the recording process of 'It was Fun While you Lasted'. It feels great to listen to something that you are proud of and that you worked so hard on. Prior to recording this album, I never really recorded in a studio with large windows so that also changed the entire experience.

6) What kind of artists/styles have influenced the record?

My producer Justin Hori and I tapped into a late 70s/early 80s sound on a few records. Other than that we would just go in and create. We wouldn't really discuss any of the records until we had a solid hook or track.

7) What do you want fans to learn from you and your music?

I want fans to connect with the music and enjoy it. I want them to know what I've gone through, so I definitely have a lot to say with my music.

8) The movies/tv shows you've acted in have had some good soundtracks. What's your favorite soundtrack and why?

Hmm that's a tricky one. I remember really liking the "Love Jones" soundtrack also Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet". When it comes to soundtracks I tend to like either a Motown or classical sound.

9) What draws you to Alternative R&B?

My music has an R&B undertone and I wouldn't call it typical R&B/Soul. So I think alternative best suits the current sound of my album. There are a few songs on the album that have an Indie sound as well. I guess a genre hasn't been created that would define Shvona Lavette as a whole!

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