K. Michelle and India Arie Say They Were ‘Snubbed’ at Grammys

Were their individual music efforts "Rebellious Soul" and "SongVersation" worthy of Grammy nominations, the music industry's highest honor? Did Grammy organizers deliberately overlook their work or was there simply better work from other artists? For a series of reasons, both K. Michelle and India Arie feel that they were snubbed when nominations were read Friday night and they aren't happy.

"Wow major Grammy snub. I guess a little black girl who truly speaks her mind was a little 2much huh? Gotta work harder next year," K. Michelle wrote on Twitter, clearly upset about not being nominated for anything, including Best New Artist. She later added "It wasn't my time. Can't change my music 2fit."

To be fair, K. Michelle reached an audience with "Rebellious Soul," with songs like "VSOP," "Ride" and "Can't Raise A Man," but did K. Michelle really bring it on her debut album? Was the material good enough and would it connect with a large audience versus a niche group? Comment below…

In related news, India Arie is a little upset with Grammy organizers as well. They overlooked her entire album "SongVersation," leaving her with not one nomination.

"I've been getting lots of calls today. It's true, For the FIrst time, i have not been Nominated for any of the Grammy Categories. I am Disappointed, i can't even lie, LOL! but i'm still processing this. and i KNOW FOR SURE! that I am on the CLEAR path of my destiny," Arie said in a series of tweets on Twitter. "And tho i dont understand this yet, i know it will all make sense. It ALWAYS does. and EVERY time, someone says, that they are inspired, or feel SEEN, or moved by my music, i am reminded of what REALLY matters."

As widely reported earlier this year, Arie said "SongVersation" is one of, if not thee most important album of her career. During an appearance on "Super Soul Sunday" (OWN), Arie told Oprah Winfrey "It feels better now because I understand better now the kind of love that I receive. In the beginning everybody was always talking to me all the time and it was like OK, that’s cool but I didn’t know what it was. Now, being able to take long breaks between albums and come back and be received, being super received this time, it feels good. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do and have it working in the commercial sense. It’s amazing."


The 56th Annual Grammy Awards are slated to air Sunday, Jan. 26 on CBS.